We Stand for Healthy Boulder Kids!

Boulder citizens, organizations, and elected leaders are joining together to support our efforts to help Boulder Kids.

Join this list and endorse measure 2H as an organization.


Organizations Endorsing 2H

Action for Healthy Food Alfalfa’s Market
American Heart Association American Diabetes Association
APEX Movement Boulder
Blooming Beets Kitchen Boulder County Board of County Commissioners
Boulder County Latino Chamber of Commerce Boulder County Democratic Party
Boulder County Movement for Children Boulder Food Rescue
Boulder Hazon Center for Science in the Public Interest
Clinica Family Health Services Colorado Athletic Training School, CATS Gym
Dental Aid El Centro AMISTAD
Expand Therapeutic Mentoring Healthy Exertion
Intercambio de Comunidades Jeff & Paige
Julia’s Kitchen Latino Task Force of Boulder County
LiveWell Colorado LunchBox Productions
Mandala Infusion Mo’ Betta Green MarketPlace
Moxie Moms Boulder Oral Health Colorado
Quinn Foods, LLC Ruya CrossFit
The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County The Kitchen Community
3PHealth Tres Reynas
University Hill Elementary School PTA YWCA of Boulder County
Zeal – Food for Enthusiasts


Elected Officials Endorsing 2H

Laurie Albright former BVSD School Board President
Aaron Brockett Boulder City Council
Cindy Domenico County Commissioner
Angelique Espinoza Former Boulder City Council
Steve Fenberg Candidate, State Senate
Sam Fuqua President of Boulder Valley School District Board of Education
Deb Gardner Boulder County Commissioner
Stan Garnett Boulder County District Attorney
Kathy Gebhardt Boulder Valley School District Board of Education Member
Crystal Gray Former City Council
Spense Havlick Former City Council, Professor Emeritus CU-Boulder
Josie Heath Former Boulder County Commissioner
Rollie Heath Colorado State Senate Assistant Minority Leader
Edie Hooton Candidate, State House
Dickey Lee Hullinghorst Speaker of the Colorado State House of Representatives
Elise Jones County Commissioner
Suzanne Jones Boulder Mayor
Tina Marquis Boulder Valley School District Board of Education Member
Jim Martin Former Regent, University of Colorado
Tim Plass Former Boulder City Council Member
Lesley Smith Former BVSD School Board
Will Toor Former Boulder County Commissioner
Sam Weaver Boulder City Council
Mary Young Boulder City Council

Community Members Endorsing 2H

Frank Alexander
Marpessa Allen Lunchbox Productions
Judy Amabile President/Co-Founder Polar Bottle
Rachel Arndt
Josh Barad
Janet Beardsley Executive Director, YWCA of Boulder County
Gary Berg Owner, Boulder CrossFit
Joshua Berman
Jose Beteta Executive Director of the Boulder County Latino Chamber of Commerce
Eileen Bickford
Tamsin Blue
Alex Bogusky
Sara Boylan
Eric Budd
Edilberto Cano
Eben Carsey MD
Nicole Christensen CrossFit Roots
Denise Clark
Cammie Cloman
John Coulter Lewis Co-founder, Quinn Foods LLC
Regina Cowles
Bonnie Crissey
Jane Daniels
Stephen Daniels MD, PhD – Pediatrician in Chief, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Hana Dansky Executive Director, Boulder Food Rescue
Peter Dawson MD, MPH
Jennifer DeCastro
Eduardo Delgado Owner, Tres Reynas
Amy Jo DiMeglio
Paige Doughty
Maura Dudley
Caitlin Durling
Cameron Edson
Maria Ellers
Tracy Emmanuel
Jonathan Ernster Deneuve Construction
Miranda Fan
Steve Fenberg Candidate for State Senate District 18
Mary Ferguson
Mara Fleischman
Deborah Foote Exectutive Director of Oral Health Colorado
Elizabeth Freedman
Alex Gano
Deb Gardner
Deb Gedenberg Owner/Director/Lead Teacher Dream Makers Preschool
Stephan Geson General Manager, Mandala Infusion
Trevor Gibson
Kevin Gilbert PhD, Founder HeartSmartKids
Lynn Gilbert RN, PhD
Therese Glowack
Justin Gold Founder, Justin’s
Christina Goodbody
Beverly Grant Founder, Mo’ Betta Green Marketplace
Stan Gronek
Lynn Guissing
Tessa Hale
Jared Hall
Amy Harman, Director, Wildflower Preschool
Ashley Hatfield
Scott Hatfield
Sam Hay Boulder County Aids Project
Marshall Hayes
Julia Hellerman Owner, Julia’s Kitchen
Becky Higbee MD
Janice Hoffman
Sue Holtz
Hunter Houser
Paul Hurrihan
Jill Iwaskow
Jessica Jacobson
Megan James
Wayde Jester CEO, Zeal – Food for Enthusiasts
Marty Kaegel
Colleen King
Willow King CEO Ozuké
Kristin Kirkpatrick Regional Director, The Kitchen Community
Sean Kloppenburg
Adam Knickelbein Owner, CrossFit Beat
Abby Knowles
Patrycja Krystman
Michelene Kuhr
Avi Kurtz
CC Lagator
Annie Lappé
Susan Lavelle Founder, Moxie Moms
Summer Laws MPH
Emily Lindner
Valerie Lipetz
John Maggio
Lorrie McFatridge-Shigley
Morgan Rogers McMillan MPH
Raffi Mercuri
Melinda Morris Registered Dietician
Nicholas Mott
Kenny Mullet
Laura Munro
Crystal Murillo Healthier Colorado
Tamsin Nathan
Andy Nathan
Kari Nelson Owner, Inner Wisdom Boulder
Edmund Nespoli
Kelly Newlon
Morgan Newlon
Becky O’Brien Director, Boulder Hazon
Pat O’Conner
Victoria Olson
Iva Paleckova CEO, Blooming Beets
Nick Passanante President, Boulder Strategies LLC
Sue Prant Executive Director, Community Cycles
Neely Quinn Nutrition Therapist
Jyotsna Ras
Wendy Rein Program Director,Colorado Athletic Training School (CATS) Gym
Samantha Reynolds
Ali Rhodes
Alan Ros
Mara Rose
Amanda Ross
Lindsey Roth
Jordan Rothenberg
Luana Rubin
Gil Rudawsky
Angelina Sandovae Healthier Colorado
Anne Shanahan
Emily Shaw
Justin Sikkema Owner, APEX Movement Boulder
David Sloan
Cliff Smedley
Allison Smith MPH, Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Sara Soka
Carolyn Tabak MD, MPH
Gwen Thelen Gwens Garden
Ashley Tilly
Jan Topencer
Kimberly Urness
Jon Van de Grift
Ryan Van Duzer
Katie Van Horne
Kristen Vogt, Librarian, Western Governors University
Ingrid Walsh Executive Director/Founder, Real|Good
Taber Ward
Bobbie Watson Executive Director, The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County (ECCBC)
Ann Wells Kaiser Permanente
Ben White
Kerry White President, University Hill Elementary School PTA
Gaby Wienberg
Jake Williams
Mary Wolf
Sophia Yager El Centro Amistad
Jeff Zayach